Heytech Windup Toys Christmas

Heytech Windup Toys (Christmas)
Comes with 12 toys in all. A few didn’t work when we got them all out but they were a hit nonetheless. The kids ended up racing them. I gave them to my mother in love for her classroom.

Toys like this just seem to keep kids busy. I remember when something so simple and noisy could hold my attention. Playing with these in a group setting has a positive influence on kids social skills. They can race and it’s a fun competition instead a video game that makes kids mad when they lose. I bet my cats would love these too. Maybe a little scared at first but eventually they’d just bat them around and they’d wind up lost under a couch or something.


Check out my YouTube video to see them in action. https://youtu.be/h25rx_FSUJ4


#heytech #windup #toys #christmas #holiday

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