La Croquetta Poly Mailers

Wish these mailing envelopes didn’t smell like paint thinner when I pulled them out of the package. The smell like a certain type of plastic or material but I can’t put my finger on it. I was not a fan at all when I pulled them out. I pulled and stretched on them to see how strong they are and they passed that test. I wouldn’t put anything with a really sharp or point edge on it because it could puncture it but I tried to put my fist through it with alot of pressure and it stretched pretty far. I stretched it so thin you can see through it but it never popped open. They are not lined with bubble wrap so nothing fragile or too heavy inside them. I can see them best used for a magazine or larger card. I had hoped there would be a variety of designs in one pack but it ends of being cheaper by getting the same design 100 times.

Adorable design. 10×13 Poly Mailers. Best suited for light weight items. #mail #envelopes

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